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Loft Bedroom Ideas

Loft Bedroom Ideas The perfect place for a little girl’s playroom, this space has been repurposed to be a loft bedroom. Small children will love it, and the adult child will love the treehouse bunk beds. The wood ladder provides extra storage space, and a sheer canopy offers privacy and reminiscence of being in a secret club. You can even add a mini bathroom with a sink and shower. Aloft can be the ideal place to create a cozy nook, and you can even create a reading nook. A desk…

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Loft Bed Room

Loft Bed Room A Loft Bed Room is a perfect solution for kids’ rooms. Not only can your kids enjoy a cozy place to sleep at night, but they will also have a space to play. A room that’s cluttered can be dangerous, so a loft bed helps you create a definite play area. The rafters can be left open, and the bed can be used as additional storage space. You can also hang curtains on the bed rail for added privacy. Consider the height of the ceiling when choosing…

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