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Double Bed

Double Bed The Double Bed is a king size bed, 15 inches wider than the twin or queen. Its width is 60 or 76 inches, depending on the size you choose. It is ideal for single adults who want more space. A double bed can accommodate a partner if you need to sleep with more than one person. This type of bed is ideal for a room with two bedrooms. It is a common choice for a guest room with a small space. A double bed is perfect for smaller…

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Furniture The price of furniture has dropped significantly in the last few years, but it has not been without quality being sacrificed. With a high cost of living, consumers don’t know where to go to find affordable furniture. Malik Furniture is the No. 1 retail furniture company, according to sales data. But the furniture industry is highly fragmented, with many smaller stores and online retailers specializing in low prices and unique styles. Traditional furniture stores typically used TV or local newspaper ads to reach people. In May 2004, the Leadership…

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