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Furniture The price of furniture has dropped significantly in the last few years, but it has not been without quality being sacrificed. With a high cost of living, consumers don’t know where to go to find affordable furniture. Malik Furniture is the No. 1 retail furniture company, according to sales data. But the furniture industry is highly fragmented, with many smaller stores and online retailers specializing in low prices and unique styles. Traditional furniture stores typically used TV or local newspaper ads to reach people. In May 2004, the Leadership…

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Bedroom Double Bed

Bed Frame Double | Double bed frame with storage

Bed Frame Double A bed frame is the foundation of your bedroom. It’s what you lay your head on at night and it’s what you look at all day when you’re in the room. Your bed frame should be comfortable to lie down on and durable so that it can withstand years of use and abuse. There are a few different types of bed frames to choose from, but the most popular is the double bed frame. A double bed frame is perfect for couples or anyone who likes plenty…

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Double Bed Furniture

Double Bed with Storage | Bed with Drawers | Malik Furniture

Double bed with storage | Bed with Drawers A double bed with storage or bed with drawers is a great addition to any bedroom. It isn’t just a place to sleep, it’s a multi-functional piece of furniture that can store clothes and other items so you don’t have to keep them in drawers or on shelves. With more space freed up from your existing wardrobe, you’ll be able to add extra shelves or even another chest of drawers if needed. The Bed with drawers can come in different styles, colors,…

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