BAYGA Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless, Weather Station with Atomic Clock, High Precision Temperature Humidity Meter, HD Color Display Weather Thermometer with Barometer and Adjustable Backlight

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Product Description

weather stationweather station

outdoor/indoor thermometeroutdoor/indoor thermometer

Indoor / Outdoor ThermometerIndoor / Outdoor Thermometer Originality, Life, Fabulous

Requires 5.0v AC power adapter for full functional display (including constant backlight and adjustable settings)

Optional: 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included) for back up

HD color display with adjustable brightness settings (requires 5V power cord) Wireless outdoor temperature & humidity Customizable alerts Self setting accurate atomic time Barometric pressure and 24Hr historical graph


Accuracy is the MOST important feature of a weather station

We excel our competitions from our endeavor to build accurate and reliable products. Our strict standards ensure our weather stations provide our customers with the most accurate weather data.

Indoor temperature range: +14.2°F~+122°F Outdoor temperature range: -58°F~+158°F Indoor / Outdoor humidity range: 1~99% Temperature accuracy: +/-0.5°F Humidity accuracy:+/-2%

indoor outdoor thermometer wirelessindoor outdoor thermometer wireless

Clock and Weather DisplayClock and Weather Display

Color Digital Weather StationColor Digital Weather Station Can the sensor only be placed outdoors?

To protect your loved ones and valuables, strategically place sensors where your family spends the most time and in storage areas.

Baby sleeping in the nursery? Kids playing video games in the basement? Husband working in the garage? Dog kennel out back?

These are just a few ideas. You can also use our sensors to monitor the temperature of fine art, wine, and cigars.


You no longer have to struggle out of your warm bed and open the blinds.

The measuring station with a range of up to 330 ft shows you when there is a storm outside and you just lie there. As soon as the temperature drops below 30.2 °F, an alarm warns you of the risk of frost. Now you have to get up and scrape the ice off the car windows.

Do you also want to monitor the temperature in the basement and in the garage?

No problem, you can connect the base station to two additional outside sensors.

weather station with atomic clock

weather station with atomic clock

Clock with Outside Temperature

Clock with Outside Temperature

Indoor and Outdoor Weather Station

Indoor and Outdoor Weather Station

Newentor Weather Station

Newentor Weather Station

Barometric(Air) Pressure Trend Chart

A steadily increased air pressure usually indicates an improved weather, while on the opposite, a dropping air pressure usually signals the end of a nice weather.

Combining the number and trending arrow, you can plan the day out while enjoying your morning coffee.

Outdoor High/Low Temperature Alert

You can program the alert for either high or low temperature yourself. The range you can choose from is -58 ~ 158 F.

Once the temperature hits the pre-set alert level, sensors transmit the data to the main unit of weather station, which triggers the alert.

Whether it’s heating summer days or cold winter days, this function can come in handy.

Indoor Comfort Level

The smily face on the screen indicates how the room temperature and humidity fit into a standard comfort level for people.

With this indicator, you can take measures to keep the room as comfortable as you wish.

Self-setting Atomic Clock

Atomic clock signal is impacted by weather and electrical noise. To reduce the influence of noise, unit self-adjusts time in the midnight.

The antenna inside the unit is directional, and it usually takes 2 – 5 nights to receive the signal in the beginning.

Product dimensions
7.8 x 1.07 x 4.5 inches 5.3 x 1.6 inches 3.5 x 1 x 4.8 inches

Power supply
Power Adapter 2 x AA batteries 3 x AAA batteries

Hi-Low-Off 10s


Atomic time

✔️PREMIUM WEATHER STATION FOR HOME: On this 7.5 inch colorful weather forecast station, you will be able to read all sorts of information gathered by this weather station: indoor/outdoor temperature humidity, barometric pressure, and customizable alerts in a clear and organized manner.
✔️HIGH-PRECISION OUTDOOR & INDOOR HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE MONITOR – Accuracy is the MOST important feature of a indoor outdoor thermometer wireless. Switzerland-made high-precision sensor are installed within this weather forecast monitor: its temperature sensor reads within ± 0.5ºF error and humidity sensor reads within 2% error with highly consistent accuracy. Place it anywhere, whether it’s freezing snow weather, hot and dry desert climate or warm and humid greenhouse.
✔️REAL-TIME UPDATE AND TRANSMISSION: Local weather forecast focuses on the bigger area instead of your home. Personal wireless temperature humidity monitor updates and transmits temperature and humidity data up to 330 ft radius every 30 seconds. This is an absolute useful tool for monitoring real-time condition for backyard/greenhouse/garage. (One weather station accommodates up to 3 sensors.)
✔️SELF-SETTING ATOMIC CLOCK – You don’t need to be a tech savvy to use a weather stations wireless indoor outdoor thermometer. The atomic clock automatically sets up and syncs Date&Time by receiving radio signal from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) radio station WWVB located near Fort Collins, CO. Follow the instruction, you will also be able to set up custom alerts or alarm clock.
✔️PERFECT GIFT – Our modern real time weather clock, will be the ideal present for friends, family, or co-workers. This useful indoor and outdoor weather station will be an excellent and thoughtful housewarming gift for your loved ones. Great present for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or for people who love outdoor activities.


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