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The Latest Trends in Pakistani Furniture The Pakistani furniture industry is growing and exports of wooden furniture reached $51 million in 2011. The Pakistani furniture industry is expanding, and many new companies are entering the market. Here is a look at some of the latest designs and styles of Pakistani furniture. In addition, find out where to buy antique Pakistani furniture. In 2011, Pakistan’s exports of wooden furniture reached $51 million. The industry has been growing and many new furniture companies have joined the market. Today, you can find various…

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How to Get Started in Furniture Designing If you are interested in pursuing a career in furniture design, you should consider studying a subject related to manufacturing. This will allow you to build stronger, more functional pieces. In addition, you should take classes in mathematical subjects, as these will train you in the practical side of the trade. The mathematical training will also help you think logically about problems and solutions. Many furniture designers work for small businesses, or as independent contractors. However, if you would prefer a more hands-on…

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